Sullz (the_sullz) wrote,

Depreciation we can believe in.

I had a dream last night that President Obama was running for re-election and I went to a political rally where the President was going to make a big announcement. There was some kind of raffle among the audience members and the winner got to go on stage to stand with the President for the announcement.

A tallish middle aged woman won the raffle. She went up to the stage, and President Obama told her that the US Government was going to send a check for four million dollars to her — and every other US citizen as well. She looked sad and started crying. The President looked uncomfortable. I think he was considering whether giving her a hug would be considered inappropriate touching that might hurt his chances for re-election. After a few uncomfortable seconds he asked her what was wrong. She said, "I wanted nine million." The President beamed and said, "you'll get your nine million." Then the President's handlers escorted her quickly off the stage. President Obama mumbled something about everyone else getting only four million.

The audience's reaction was mixed. Some people expressed concern that printing enough money to send every US citizen a check for four million dollars might lower the value of the dollar. The party faithful dismissed the idea, stating that the US dollar would always be seen as strong by the rest of the world.

tl;dr: My subconscious apparently thinks President Obama is an irresponsible choad.
Tags: dream, obama

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