Sullz (the_sullz) wrote,

Arrington de Dionyso @ The Warehouse, 4-June-2011

It's hard to believe I haven't been to a show in months, I used to go so often. Last night I went to see Arrington de Dionyso at a South Jefferson club called The Warehouse that just opened about 6 months ago.

Arrington is the singer for Old Time Relijun, a fantastic crazy weird band that I've been into since college. Recently he started a solo project that sounds a bit like Old Time Relijun, but with lyrics in Indonesian. Last night he performed his solo work, singing and playing the guitar, bass clarinet, and mouth harp, backed up by a bassist and a drummer. He uses a lot of throat singing, and can also sing more than one note at the same time. For the finale it sounded like he had three notes going at the same time using the mouth harp and his voice. Here's an example of what the experience of an Arrington de Dionyso show is like:  

Yes, there were angels floating through the room last night.

When Arrington first got out the bass clarinet, he placed the microphone he'd been singing with onto the stand and adjusted the stand's height for the clarinet. The mike dropped onto the floor. He immediately grabbed the mike and shoved it into the bell of the clarinet and started playing. I wish I could have seen the sound guy's face at that moment.

Local bands The Union Electric and The Volcanoes opened. The Union Electric was very good. Everything Tim Rakel touches seems to turn to musical gold.
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